The South Side Area School Board is seeking community members to serve on a guiding team to execute an objective process of policy (or guidelines) research, construction, launch and maintenance around the use of pronouns in the school district.

Interested community members should:
  • submit their interest in writing to Barb Dawson, School Board Secretary, between Thursday, 8 December and Wednesday, 14 December by end of day and 
  • schedule an interview with Barb Dawson during this notice period for a time slot on Wednesday, 14 December or Thursday, 15 December.

At the interview, community members will:

  • review and agree to the standards of the committee and 
  • participate in a 15-minute panel interview with the School Board members serving on the committee.

The interviews will not be public. The interview questions will be made public after the interviews are completed.

The positions are not paid. All applicants must be residents of South Side Area School District.

Please direct all further queries to Barb Dawson, School Board Secretary.
Thank you for your interest!

Brenda McCarrell
South Side School Board Committee member

Bob Tellish
South Side School Board Committee member

Farin Weltner
South Side School Board Committee member