Health and Safety Plan

At the South Side School District Board of Directors meeting held July 14, 2021, the state-approved 2021-2022 Health and Safety Plan was adopted.  The Health and Safety Infographic (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW) outlines the key area within the 2021-2022 Health and Safety Plan. As you review the documents, please send any questions to [email protected].


CLICK HERE TO REVIEW  the 21-22 PA Dept. of Education ARP ESSER Health and Safety Plan.

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Bus transportation
Bus Rules
  1. Students are to get on and get off the bus in an orderly manner.
  2. Students should remain seated while the bus is in operation.
  3. Conversation levels should be kept low.
  4. Windows of the bus should only be operated with the permission of the driver. Nothing is to be passed through the window.
  5. Students should respect each other and the bus driver. Students should keep their hands, feet, bookbags or any other objects to themselves. Safe behavior is always expected.
  6. Animals are not permitted on the bus.
  7. Eating food, chewing gum, or possessing tobacco products is not permitted on the bus.
  8. The bus driver and/or school administrator has the authority to assign or reassign student seating assignments.
  9. Students are not permitted to leave the bus except at their designated stop and are not permitted to ride another bus without permission from a school administrator or the Director of Transportation.
Bus Passes
The state law requires a daily roster of every student on each bus and specifies the number of students allowed on each bus. To be in compliance with the law, we must keep a paper trail in the form of bus passes for every change made to each bus daily. Therefore, the School Board has approved the following guidelines for the issuance of bus passes:

   1. For the purpose of accommodating child care arrangements, each student is eligible to be rostered on one (1) alternate bus. An Alternate Bus Request form must be submitted prior to the start of the school year. After initial routes and runs have been established for the new school year, adequate seating space must be available to accommodate requests.
      a. Parents must follow the procedures of the Alternate Bus Request.
      b. Exceptions will be made for custodial parents.

   2. Bus passes will not be accepted by phone. Exceptions will be made in cases of extreme emergency conditions and must be approved by the building principal or the Transportation Director.

   3. No elementary students shall ride the high school bus in the morning unless it is for a school-related activity such as student council, band, tutoring, etc. A one day notice is required. High school students will not be permitted to ride the elementary bus to school in the morning.

   4. Middle school/high school students staying after school for tutoring/testing must have teacher permission to ride the elementary bus home.

   5. Bus passes cannot be approved for such reasons as going to a friend’s house, boy/girl scout meetings, birthday parties, etc. The same also applies to early dismissal days when a number of students go to a friend’s house for the afternoon.

Nothing in this policy is intended to prevent temporary emergency changes in critical conditions at the discretion of the Transportation Director.
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