Health and Safety Plan

At the South Side School District Board of Directors meeting held July 14, 2021, the state-approved 2021-2022 Health and Safety Plan was adopted.  The Health and Safety Infographic (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW) outlines the key area within the 2021-2022 Health and Safety Plan. As you review the documents, please send any questions to [email protected].


CLICK HERE TO REVIEW  the 21-22 PA Dept. of Education ARP ESSER Health and Safety Plan.

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Annual Notice of Special Programs
The South Side Area School District offers a full continuum of special education programs and services to all students eligible for such services. Special education programs and services are available for eligible children ages three (3) to school entry age and may be requested by contacting Ms. Jennifer Shroads or the Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit at (724) 774-7800. Services for eligible students of school entry age through twenty-one (21) years of age may be requested by contacting Ms. Jennifer Shroads at (724) 573-9581ext. 2612.

Special Education programs available include services for eligible students who are identified as:
  • Developmentally Delayed (Preschool and Kdg. only)
  • Intellectually Disabled
  • Learning Disabled
  • Autistic/Pervasive Developmental Disorder
  • Visually Impaired
  • Hearing Impaired
  • Mentally Gifted
  • Multi-handicapped
  • Neurologically Impaired
  • Physically Impaired
  • Seriously Emotionally Disturbed
  • Speech and Language Impaired
The South Side Area School District operates the following special programs:
  • TIPS (Totally Integrated Learning Support)
  • Learning Support
  • Emotional Support
  • Gifted Support
Services for eligible preschool age children are provided through the Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit. In addition, the Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit provides the following special education services on behalf of the South Side Area School District:
  • Developmentally Delayed (Pre-school and Kdg. only)
  • Speech/Language Support
  • Emotional Support
  • Life Skills Support
  • Physical Support
  • Autistic Support
  • Multi-handicapped Support
Beaver County Head Start operates a class in the South Side Elementary School. For more information on this program contact Ms. Shroads or the Head Start Office at (724) 375-2300.

The South Side Area School District has an on-going screening process to identify students in need of special services and specially designed instruction. The screening is conducted in each building, (elementary, middle and high school) beginning in May of each year with kindergarten screening and continuing in September with review of all group achievement and ability test results. Individual screening as needed takes place throughout the remainder of the school year.

Early Intervention

The goal of early intervention is to prevent or improve the effects of the child's disability before entry into school. These services may be delivered in a classroom setting, at home or combination of both. The duration of the program, in terms of hours per week, varies according to the individual need of the child and his/her family.

Early Intervention Programs are provided for children ages 3 years to 5 years. The need for early intervention services must be in one of the following areas: physical, sensory, cognitive, language and speech, social-emotional, and self-help. Services must be provided by qualified personnel. The Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit provides early intervention for the children in our school district.

Homeless Children

McKinney Homeless Act - Public Law 103-382 Subtitle B Education for Homeless Children and Youth, Sec. 722(d) (2)

The main goal of the Children's Initiative is "to provide activities and services for such homeless children including preschool-aged children, and homeless youth that enable these children to enroll in, attend, and succeed in school, or, if appropriate, preschool."

Guidelines from U.S. Department of Education and the Pennsylvania Education for Homeless Children and Youth State Plan has this homeless definition: Children living with parent in a domestic violence shelter; individuals and/or families living with relatives or friends due to lack of housing; run-away children and children and youth who have been abandoned or forced out of their home by parents or other caretakers; children of migrant families who lack adequate housing; and school-age unwed mothers or expectant mothers living in houses for unwed mothers if they have no other available living accommodations.

If you have any questions regarding any of the programs and services described or are interested in becoming a surrogate parent, please contact Ms. Shroads at (724) 573-9581 ext. 2612 Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

Surrogate Parents

The school district has the responsibility of developing a surrogate parent program for school-age handicapped children residing in the South Side Area School District.

The District must see that any handicapped student who is either a ward of the state or whose parent or guardian is unknown or unavailable has a surrogate parent.

The surrogate parent acts in place of the parent in matters concerning the student's educational programs/services.

The role of the surrogate parent is voluntary and training is provided regarding the role of a surrogate parent.

Special Education Plan Report Public Review

The Burea of Special Education requires that the South Side Area School District to make the Special Education Plan available for public inspection and comment.  The Special Education Plan will be available for review through April 3, 2018.  Please contact Jennifer Shroads, Director of Pupil Services, regarding the Special Education Plan at [email protected] or at (724) 573-9581 ext. 2612
CLICK HERE  to view the Special Education Plan.  

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