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Staff Nomination Program

Want to thank someone for a job well done? South Side Area School District is pleased to announce a staff recognition program. Please take a moment to complete the form listed below. Your words of thanks will be shared with the employee who has made a difference.  

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Here are some recent nominations:

Ann Marie Matthews nominated by Shelly Youree:  

“For many years now she has organized the "Helping Hands and Hearts". I would like to thank her for taking the time to organize this. It allows the children in the South Side Area School District (from infancy to high school) to receive Christmas gifts. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Mrs. Mathews!” 

Becky Shultz nominated by Don Jones:
"Becky does an outstanding job protecting our Children, inside and outside in all weather elements. Takes time to ask how you are doing, shows caring and love to the children. Listens to their concerns, and truly cares. Thank you for all you do!” 
Gretchen Mzyk nominated by Kristi Vernaccini:
"The reason for my email is to express my thanks for one of your employees, Gretchen Mzyk. Today, Mrs. Mzyk contacted me after reviewing Sophia's immunization record. She found that Sophia was missing a polio vaccination that's given to children around age 4. Mrs. Mzyk said that the vaccine could've been given in conjunction with another shot, but to call the pediatrician to be sure. I contacted the pediatrician's office and their nurse reviewed Sophia's chart. As it turns out, Sophia did NOT receive this vaccine at the appropriate time. When she was 4 years old, we made the decision to switch pediatricians. During the transition from one office to the next, this immunization was missed! While the chance of a polio outbreak is unlikely, it's very important to me that Sophia stay up-to-date on all recommended vaccinations. In closing, I sincerely appreciate Mrs. Mzyk's diligence in reviewing Sophia's immunization record. Regardless of this being a part of her job duties, Mrs. Mzyk caught a mistake missed by her pediatrician and that definitely deserves recognition.”
Jackie Burns nominated by Sherri and Bob Tellish:
“The wax museum project that Mrs. Burns did with 5th grade students last year was an example of the outstanding teacher she is. The project she constructed was as follows: Students selected a noteworthy historical person to research and write about. Students then presented their biographical writing as the person themselves in a wax museum. Once a button was pushed the student recited the narrative they had written about this famous character. Mrs Burns was encouraging, helpful and truly went out of her way the last week of school to allow these students an opportunity to learn and demonstrate their learning in a fun, creative and unique way. We are very thankful for the fine teaching that Mrs. Burns consistently displays.”
Ken Garris nominated by Mary Ellen Watts:
“Ken is very knowledgeable in every area of building and maintenance! He has a vast array of skills that keep our buildings functioning well, and he does it all with an unassuming nature. You are greatly appreciated Ken!” 
Pam Reed nominated by Larry Smith:
“Each and every year, the HOF committee counts on our head of food services to assist with the HOF induction dinner. Pam does a fantastic job in building the necessary bridges between the committee, the catering company, and the event. She takes on the things that we so desperately need her to assist with, never complains, and always willing to do even more. We want to thank her 2 assistants for their dedicated service to us as well. We would not be as successful, without your help!! We are very grateful and appreciative of these efforts.” 
Richard Mitchell nominated by Larry Smith: 
“I would like thank Rich for assisting the HOF committee in regards to updating the school web page with the 2017 HOF format. Rich was kind enough to add the event in great depth, so that the district and the community could view the new inductees, and be well informed of the weekend event September 29th & 30th. On behalf of the HOF committee, we are grateful for your efforts Rich. Many thanks, and very well done!” 
Sherri Tellish nominated by Larry Smith:
"I would like to thank Mrs. Tellish for her ability to take a bit of a fragile 5 year old girl, who had some reservations going from pre K to K this year. My Granddaughter had some "worry" in her backpack when school first started, not fully understanding what her new year would be like. Mrs. Tellish has her in love with school now, and she expresses to the family everything she learns in school each day. As a family, we are grateful that we have staff who recognize a particular hurdle one may have, and then works through it with that child, so that the worry gets replaced with applicable efforts. Keep up the great work my good friend!!”
Shawna Wilson nominated by Larry Smith:
During the past 30 days, Miss Wilson has been a huge help in assisting the HOF committee with applicable ticket sales in the office. Shawna is not a committee member, but she certainly understands the value of the HOF program, and willingly assisted us a great deal. She is a very trustworthy person, and regardless of work load, she remains pleasant in attitude, regardless of what falls on her daily list of work related task. So, on behalf of the HOF committee, we thank you Shawna, and we are very grateful for your help along the way.”
Tammy Adams nominated by Larry Smith:
“I would like to pass on a thank you to Tammy, for all the efforts put towards the induction of the 2017 HOF class, the weekend of it, and of course the efforts on the closing remarks Saturday evening. It was rewarding to me, to hear your name mentioned by three of the seven inductees for your district hospitality. I truly believe that the seven new members were grateful, and are very proud to be a part of the program, as they are all very deserving of this award. On behalf of the HOF committee, we THANK YOU!!”  

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