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Staff Nomination Program

Want to thank someone for a job well done? South Side Area School District is pleased to announce a staff recognition program. Please take a moment to complete the form listed below. Your words of thanks will be shared with the employee who has made a difference.  

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Here are some recent nominations:

Denise Morrow nominated by Mary Ann Whitehill

"It is my pleasure to provide this letter of recognition on behalf of Denise Morrow. As an Educational Advocate I have worked with many teachers, administrators, and other school staff in my 20 plus years, but Denise's dedication and love for her students is beyond so many others. I have had the pleasure of working with Denise for several years now with my own son, as well as, other students that I represent at South Side , she is a valuable member of the staff there at South Side, working to do whatever it takes to get her students to love school at the same time educating them to the best of their ability. She possess a strong ability to communicate effectively for the needs of all of her students and families she is working with. She prides herself in her ability to work hand and hand with each of her families to create opportunities for progression and advancement of the student. She is passionate about creating avenues of success for all students. I consider her a valued addition to our school district." 

Denise Morrow nominated by Ashleigh Yoho Deal

"There is so much I could write about Denise , that still would not even express the good that is in her heart. The past few years she has gone above and beyond for my child Spencer. She has taken classes to further her education to help him. Coming out of 6th grade he wasn’t not even able to be tested for a reading level. She worked with him all summer and all year this year and he has excelled with her assistance and hard work and dedication to him. She has been his rock and has helped him emotionally and scholastically . She has cried tears of happiness with him and me. Day or night she has been there during my crazy times of tring to figure it all out to solve a issue and to make it the best it could be for him. They recently had a assembly about stopping the r word. Spencer was very emotional due to my brother that has passed . It made me emotional hearing my child call me and being sad because he got it he understood now how my brother touched my life. I messaged her she went down and scooped him up and talked and comforted him . Then she asked me about Louie’s story. She listens , she cares, she teaches with her heart. If we had more teachers like her this world would be a wonderful place." 

Dana Riggins and Jack Okorn nominated by Jennifer Miles 

"Jack & Dana are very willing to help and explain technology issues to me as a teacher. They are very friendly and explain things at my level. When an issue immediately affects the teaching of my class, they arrive as soon as possible(within minutes) to remedy the problem so that the learning process is disrupted as little as possible." 

Randy Reed nominated by Ann Marie Matthews 

"Randy Reed works in a very important part of our school (for the record they are all important but some are a little dearer to my heart), he works with our special needs students.  Having these students in middle school and then seeing all they accomplish as they move on is a joy.  Many of the students he instructs may be working on life skills to be successful once they leave South Side.  I have witnessed students who were partially nonverbal in middle school and have become verbal and better communicators through Randy’s encouragement.  He has a great repore with these students and you can tell just in passing, how much they love and enjoy having Mr. Reed as a teacher.  It is so rewarding to work alongside such outstanding educator.  I have seen first hand as Randy expects the best out of the students.  He really raises the bar of expectations for these students.  It makes me proud to be part of a school that has dedicated and innovative staff.  Way to go Randy. YOU ARE making a difference." 

Donna Kuzio nominated by Ann Marie Matthews

"Mrs. Donna Kuzio is a fantastic role model to our students, staff, and anyone she has contact with, whether it be face to face or on the the phone. She goes out of her way to be encouraging to all she encounters. This is a huge benefit to South Side Schools and the community. It might be her “make it a great day” wish or assisting a middle level student who is having a bad day, either way you can count on her to show sincere compassion toward all. I have had the opportunity to see her efficiency in completing her job. She doesn’t complain that anything you ask is too much. I also appreciate how she always tries to be thrifty with spending. I needed a set of novels for my class this past year and Donna shopped around until she got the best quote for the books. She has participated in our exchange program with both the Czech Republic and Japan. What a great ambassador for our school and country. It has been my privilege and pleasure to work with Donna for many years. It has been my gift and blessing to call her friend. South Side is blessed to have such a dedicated exemplary employee." 

 Katie McLaughlin nominated by Annie Hudson

"I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank Mrs. McLaughlin for being such a wonderful 2nd grade teacher. I appreciate how she keeps me in the loop as a parent on what is going on with my child in her classroom whether it is good or bad. A teacher's day is extremely demanding and time consuming, so I know time is precious. However, even in her busy day, she will reach out just to find out how my son is doing after he had a bad day and offer any help. She works so well with my son and has such an understanding of him as a student. I definitely feel she deserves to be recognized for all the super human qualities she possesses and for being such a wonderful 2nd grade teacher!" 

Carrie Wright, District Substitute Teacher, nominated by Kristy Vernaccini

"Being a substitute teacher is not an easy task. They are often walking into a classroom of unfamiliar students that have a myriad of academic, emotional, and physical needs. Substitute teachers are asked to conduct lesson plans without advance preparation. In spite of these challenges, Carrie Wright went above and beyond yesterday for my oldest daughter. Sophia had a seizure in the classroom being covered by Mrs. Wright. What could've been mistaken as my daughter being frustrated with a writing assignment was recognized by her substitute teacher as a medical emergency. Mrs. Wright quickly followed protocol outlined in Sophia's 504 plan. As a result, Sophia received needed medical care from Mrs. Mzyk. 

I wish there were words good enough to express my gratitude for Mrs. Wright's attention to medical instructions left by Sophia's teacher Mrs. McLaughlin, her ability to recognize that Sophia was in medical distress, and her calm execution of Sophia's emergency seizure action plan. Thank you for employing such an attentive, caring, and professional substitute teacher." 

Shawn North by Danine Kelly 

"I just want to express my gratitude to you for coming out in the evening and in the cold to show interest in my daughter.  She has been having a tough time mentally with her gymnastics tumbling lately.  When she saw you come in the gym last night her eyes lit up and she smiled at me.  She seemed in a better mood at her meet last night and I’m sure it was due to you attending.  Teachers do many things to help their students every day in the classroom but you went above and beyond your daily teaching duties.  Alayna will never forget that you were there and that is what matters most to students.  So thank you so much!"  

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