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South Side School District recognizes the special needs of students possessing high academic potential. The district is committed to providing the optimum educational experiences for those students identified as Mentally Gifted. These experiences will be developed within the confines of our present district organization. All educational experiences for the gifted students will be provided through regular classroom placement with many supplemental opportunities to enrich and enhance their individual education programs. It is hoped that both types of experiences will combine to provide the best possible program for each individual student.

The program shall provide a system of continuous identification of gifted students and an appropriate program of instruction. The program shall further provide for the development of abstract, creative and critical thinking and a knowledge of concepts and skills used in problem solving.

An understanding of the importance of daily performance in the academic areas will be stressed along with the understanding of interdisciplinary relationships and autonomous learning skills. This program should foster the students' recognition of their responsibilities to society and to themselves.
The purpose of the Gifted Support Program in grades K-12 is to provide an appropriate educational experience for individual students who possess high academic potential. Children will work in curricular materials provided by the district with opportunities to enrich, enhance or compact learning. Higher level thinking skills are fostered through acceleration, enrichment and enhancement of the regular curriculum.

Classroom teachers and support teachers will provide activities and materials commensurate with the abilities of the Gifted Support students. Higher ability students require faster-paced instruction in regular grade level materials. Beyond vertical and horizontal enrichment of the regular curriculum, students will be invited to engage in activities that develop analytical and evaluative thinking. Gifted Support in the regular classroom will be augmented through Gifted Support Resource teachers who devote their time and energy to obtaining materials and arranging out-of class experiences in areas of giftedness, talent, or interest.
The South Side Area School District has an on-going screening process to identify students in need of special services and specially designed instruction. Individual screening as needed takes place throughout the school year. For more information on this program and how to go about having a child screened for the gifted program contact Mrs. Shroads at (724) 573-9581, ext. 2612.
Program Goals
  • Develop critical thinking skills involving higher cognitive processes.
  • Engage in activities which will nurture scientific attitudes, problem solving, intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, and special talents.
  • Develop decision-making, planning, organizational and lime management skills leading to independent task completion.
  • Explore career opportunities which will enhance life-long learning goals.
  • Expand the capacity for confident self-expression through challenges which utilize maximum potential.
  • Gain self-awareness and acceptance of their own capabilities, interests, needs and limitations in order to create a personal vision.
  • Acquire wholesome personal and social adjustment and an open-minded approach to the world.
  • Participate in learning activities at an appropriate level and pace along with the integration of multiple disciplines.
Identification Procedures
Students in grades K-12 are selected for participation in the Gifted Support Program using Pennsylvania's approved identification guidelines.The procedure includes a multi-criteria assessment including group and individual ability and achievement test results along with screening by the building counselor, teacher and parent evaluations, classroom observation, parent conference input and recommendation of the Multidisciplinary Team and the Individual Education Planning Team.
Differentiated Curriculum For Gifted Students
    • Enrichment Resource Room
    • Enrichment Activities
    • Independent Study
    • Analytical/Critical Thinking Skill Activities
    • Compacting
    • Special Topic Seminars
    • Field Trips
    • Enrichment Competitions
    • Organizing Mentorships (Resource/Professional Persons)
    • Enrichment Resource Room
    • Accelerating Within a Course Compacting Advanced Content
    • Acceleration Within the Curriculum
    • Independent Study
    • Advanced Placement
    • Distance Learning
    • Enrichment Competitions
    • Enrichment Activities/Field Trips
    • Analytical/Critical Thinking Skills Activities
    • Organizing Mentorships (Resource/Professional Persons)
    • Special Topic Seminars
    • Beaver County Enrichment Consortium
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