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The purpose of videotaping a meeting is for public information.  The opinions expressed by any member of the public do not necessarily reflect the view or opinion of the SSASD Board of School Directors and are solely that of the speaker.  The SSASD Board of School Directors hereby expressly disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for any false, defamatory, or slanderous statements expressed by the speaker.  
Any unauthorized re-broadcasting of any video, audio or still image of the video recording of the meeting is strictly forbidden without the written permission of the SSASD Board of School Directors. 

Board Videos 2019
January 10th Work Session  (vid 1)  
January 16th Voting Session  (vid 1
February 6th Work Session  (vid 1 
February 13th Voting Session  (vid 1 
March 6th Work Session  (vid 1)    
March 13th Voting Session  (vid 1)    
April 3rd Work Session  (vid 1
April 11th Voting Session  (vid 1)  
May 1st Work Session  (vid 1, vid 2)  
May 8th Voting Session  (vid 1) 
June 5th Work Session  (vid 1)   
June 12th Voting Session  (vid 1
July 17th Voting Session  (vid 1) 
August 14th Voting Session  (vid 1)  
September 4th Work Session  (vid 1)  
September 11th Voting Session  (vid 1)  
October 2nd Work Session  (vid 1
October 9th Voting Session  (vid 1) 
Board Videos 2018

January 3rd Work Session  (vid 1vid 2vid 3)  
January 10th Voting Session Due to technical difficulties, a recording of the January 10, 2018 board meeting is unavailable.  Please know that all motion items passed.  Please contact the Board Secretary with any questions.  We apologize for this anomaly. 
February 7th Work Session (vid 1vid 2vid 3vid 4vid 5
February 14th Voting Session (vid 1, vid 2
February 26th Work Session (vid 1vid 2vid 3,  vid 4vid 5)     
February 26th Voting Session (vid 1)     
March 7th Work Session (vid 1, vid 2vid 3, vid 4)  
March 14th Voting Session (vid 1vid 2
April 4th Work Session (vid 1, vid 2, vid 3
April 11th Voting Session (vid 1) 
May 2nd Work Session  (vid 1, vid 2, vid 3
May 9th Voting Session  (vid 1vid 2)  
June 6th Work Session  (vid 1vid 2
June 13th Voting Session  (vid 1vid 2) 
September 5th Work Session  (vid 1vid 2)   
September 12th Voting Session  (vid 1
September 20th Voting Session  (vid 1)
October 3rd Work Session (vid 1, vid 2vid 3, vid 4) 
October 10th Voting Session  (vid 1
November 7th Work Session (vid 1vid 2vid 3,  vid 4vid 5)  
November 14th Voting Session  (vid 1 
December 3rd Voting Session  (vid 1 

2017 Board Videos

Dec. 6th Voting Session (vid 1vid 2, vid 3
Oct. 4th Work Session (vid 1vid 2vid 3 and 4)
November 1st Work Session (vid 1vid 2vid 3)
November 8th Voting Session (vid 1vid 2)
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Address: 4949 State Route 151 Hookstown, PA 15050
Phone: 724.573.9581
| Fax: 724.573.0414
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